The spellbinding beauty of Shandy Hall, a place where time stands still


We all need a sanctuary. A place to slow down, connect with our surroundings and take a moment for ourselves. Immerse yourself in the very essence of Broken Clock Lingering Vodka and discover the tranquility of Shandy Hall estate, tucked away in the wild heather moorlands of North Yorkshire. Welcome to the garden…

“Men tire themselves in pursuit of rest” – Laurence Sterne

They may have been written well over 200 years ago, but for many of us, Sterne’s observations ring true to this day. Trapped in modern metropolises, we yearn for nothing more than the opportunity to stop the mechanical flow of time, to break the clock and dive into the natural rhythm of nature.

It’s fitting, then, that time appears to stand still at the serene Shandy Hall estate in Coxwold. Two acres of sun-drenched country gardens surround the home of the Anglo-Irish novelist and Anglican clergyman, and it’s there – among the sweet-smelling roses and lush white violas – that Broken Clock Lingering Vodka takes inspiration, aimed at prolonged pleasure and deliberate delight.

Established around 1430 in a village known then as Cuckwold, the Grade 1 listed building was originally a medieval long hall. When Sterne came to live there in 1760 he had already published the first two volumes of his immeasurably imaginative masterpiece, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentlemen. The non-linear novel was an immediate success, earning Sterne celebrity status. He would go on to pen a further seven editions in the quietude of the house, which was later christened Shandy Hall by his closest friends.

A keen gardener, green-fingered Sterne grew nectarines in the estate’s abundant and luscious grounds, where he lived until his death in 1768. Buried outside the village church where he often preached; his spirit lives on at Shandy Hall, now a writer’s house museum maintained by The Laurence Sterne Trust. Boasting the world’s largest collection of editions of Laurence Sterne works, the estate retains the alterations made by Sterne during his tenure – the construction of a coach house and cellar – along with many of its medieval features.

Linger in his glorious gardens for long enough, among the vivid cottage garden perennials and mown meadow paths and towering sweet chestnut tree, and you’ll unlock the essence of Broken Clock Lingering Vodka and the Georgian botanical recipe that inspired our founder, Andrew. Wander further still and you’ll find a modest orchard bearing slow-ripened apples, bittersweet and highly distinct in flavour – the very ones donated by the Trust and distilled in our artisan vodka in Cheshire.

Charming and beautiful, Shandy Hall truly is the epitome of the quintessentially English country garden. It gives us immense pleasure distil the essence of the English country garden, quite literally, in every single bottle of Broken Clock Lingering Vodka.

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