How to make The Clockwork Orangery cocktail at home

Broken Clock Lingering Vodka Orangery

The warm weather has us craving long, refreshing cocktails, and The Clockwork Orangery, created by The Chelsea Courtyard Bistro & Bar, most certainly fits the bill. Here, head bartender Mike reveals precisely how to master this glorious summer serve…

A stone’s throw from the iconic King’s Road lies The Chelsea Courtyard, a luscious green oasis best known for its elegant drinks and delicious home-made food. Tucked away within the sanctuary of the courtyard you’ll find head bartender, Mike, whose lifelong passions span nature, horticulture and the great outdoors. Here, Mike talks us through his cocktail creation, The Clockwork Orangery.

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The spellbinding beauty of Shandy Hall, a place where time stands still


We all need a sanctuary. A place to slow down, connect with our surroundings and take a moment for ourselves. Immerse yourself in the very essence of Broken Clock Lingering Vodka and discover the tranquility of Shandy Hall estate, tucked away in the wild heather moorlands of North Yorkshire. Welcome to the garden…

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First batch

Broken Clock Vodka First Batch

I had a beautiful plan: on the exact the day I thought of writing the ninth post about happy people (and I did write it), the first ‘wet’ bottles of Broken Clock were to appear. But Broken Clock Lingering Vodka chose to prove to me again that I called it thus for a reason: the equipment broke down and my masterpiece decided to linger in its public appearance. Oh well, it was another argument not to take my plans too close to heart. As Fritz Perls wrote: “Don’t push the river, it flows by itself”. This is why I parked myself by the riverside and the stream finally brought the first batch.*

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