One out of ninety one


Broken Clock vodka got a bronze at Harpers Design Awards* competition. This, of course, is more modest then silver or gold but… Broken Clock was the only vodka among all the awardees.

Have a look at the numbers of winners:

– Vodka – 1.
– All other categories – 90.

This is almost like England winning third price in the Ice Hockey World Championship.

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#9. Ninety people made happy

Broken Clock Ninety people made happy

– I don’t drink vodka, actually, – said almost half of those to whom I had a chance to offer a glass of Broken Clock. Perhaps, they hadn’t had the most pleasant experience with vodka, nevertheless these people indulged me with a frown and took a glass in their hand.

 It’s possible that my gaze has persuasive power.

 In this case however I believe I should be grateful for this acceptance to my interlocutors’ courtesy and curiosity. They moved the glass towards their lips and started tasting.

 Don’t you find though that we approached the half of the first sip too rashly? Let’s start from the beginning without omitting important details.

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